Chemical Peels

Dramatically improve the health and appearance of your skin with my customized skin peels. Good for discoloration, anti-aging & acne. They range from progressive, mid-depth, to deep.

Progressive Peel: $75
Mid-Depth Peel: $100
Deep Peel: $120

Treatment Instructions

Before Treatment:
  • Avoid tanning treatment area including tanning beds, spray tan, and sun.

  • Discontinue use of exfoliants (including all retinoids, Glycolic Acid) on treatment area one week before treatment.

  • You may not proceed with this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

After Treatment:
  • You may have mild redness and minimal swelling (like a sunburn) for a few minutes up to 48 hours. You may apply healing ointment and a cold compress.

  • Avoid direct sunlight. Use sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher.

  • Do not apply makeup until redness has subsided.

  • Avoid excessive heat, hot showers, and exercise for 24 hours as internal heat can cause hyperpigmentation. Use cool water and gentle cleansers for 48 hours.

  • Flaking and dryness is common and should resolve within 7-10 days. Do NOT ever pick loose or exfoliating skin as this may cause scarring or infection.

  • Avoid use of exfoliants for one week after your treatment.

  • Avoid chemical or mechanical irritants 1 week after treatment.

  • Avoid moisturizers that contain Salicylic acid during the peeling process.