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Sierra Stewart, LMT


Experience and Education:

Sierra's extensive 12-year journey in massage therapy is a testament to her enduring dedication to the healing arts. Her professional path took root at Healing Hands School of Holistic Health in San Diego, where she graduated in 2011. This California-certified therapist's hands have since transformed countless lives through her skillful touch.

Massage Modalities and Specializations:

With a wide array of specializations, Sierra is adept in Deep Tissue, Sports, Swedish, Hot Stones, and Prenatal massage. Her diverse expertise is not just about offering a range of treatments; it's about delivering personalized healing experiences.


Unique Massage Style:

Sierra's massage style is a bespoke fusion of various techniques, crafted to meet the individual needs of every client. Her approach is deeply rooted in the technical nuances of therapeutic massage, focusing on targeting specific muscle groups to alleviate adhesions and ease muscular pain. She believes in the art of precision coupled with a keen understanding of the body's complex tapestry.


Ideal For Those Seeking Relief:

Whether you're grappling with persistent pain, specific muscular conditions, or the rigorous demands of athletic training, Sierra's therapeutic approach is tailored for you. Her hands are not just instruments of relaxation but tools for profound transformation, offering relief and recovery to those who walk through life's physical challenges.

This edit maintains the essence of Sierra's original description while enhancing the flow and clarity of the information provided about her experience, specializations, and unique massage style.

Sierra's Schedule

Monday 10:15am-6:00pm

Tuesday 4:15pm-8:00pm

Wednesday 10:45am-6:00pm

Friday 10:45am-4:15pm

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